Episode Forty-five: Aidan Severs

PLEASE FORGIVE MY MISTAKE SPELLING AIDAN’S NAME WRONG IN THE FINAL SEGMENT! Join us for an episode of Primary Education Voices where we learn more from another inspirational Primary colleague. Today we sit down with Aidan Severs, @AidanSevers, who talks brilliantly about Parkinson’s Law, Clare Sealy’s 3D Curriculum blog and what we do in the classroom.


In the second Aidan’s Primary Three, he spoke about the impact Clare Sealy’s 3D Curriculum blog post had on his understanding of curriculum design. Rather than trying to over-summarise her points Aidan just encourages the listeners to read the blog post. He also mentioned in passing Clare’s Memory not Memories post too.

And finally, Aidan makes a recommendation for a future podcast. If you’re curious to find out more about them, click the links below to view their Twitter profiles and don’t forget to stay tuned as they may appear in a future episode.

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